Keep Climbing

The steeper the slope the higher the peak. The higher the peak the closer you are with the stars. The closer you are with the stars the better the view. The better the view the more you see. The more you see the more you experience. And the more you experience, the more you live.

There are some people who choose to go through life by avoiding struggles, challenges and adversity. They shy away from problems, frown at complications and feel uneasy with the idea of walking a path less traveled upon. After all, if there is an easier option, why would anyone even choose the harder alternative?

Life is all about experiences. Everything in your life has been an experience. You can consider your past one giant experience as a whole in itself, or you can break it down into different phases such as childhood, schooling years, young adult; or you could fraction these experiences down into small pieces that highlight or illuminate your past in different ways by giving each specific moment or memory its own glory. The more you reflect and continue to string these pieces together, the more you are able to understand why you are who you are, creating a deeper sense of recognition as to what has contributed or influenced you to be the person you are today.

Consider each past experience a slope of its own, and everything you have since overcome has been its own peak of glory and success. A mediocre slope would not have gotten you far up near the clouds, because the struggle would not have been difficult enough for you thus the reward would be of a similar standard. Many of us are happy with staying within the realms of mediocre, because the thought of starting to climb a steep hill is terrifying. It’s terrifying, not because of the steepness in itself, but because once you start, there are only two outcomes: You don’t make it up the hill, or you do.

In our minds, we have been conditioned to believe that if we don’t make it up the hill before us, we have failed. And to have failed, comes with many negative emotions in our mind. Shame, embarassment, sadness, lack of determination, weakness, and all of those other toxic thoughts cloud our judgement of who we are and our identity and self-confidence takes a big hit. The other outcome however, is a sliver of triumphant glory that we can only dare dream about, because the reality of it is too farfetched. It’s too farfetched because of all of our self limiting beliefs, and all of the excuses we tie ourselves down with. It feels more comforting to blame our lack of time, lack of resources or tools, lack of knowledge, or to blame things that are out of our control such as genetics, environment, skill or ability to be able to conquer what we can only aspire to be.

It’s far too common that many of us are fearful of trying, because to try means to act upon something and to initiate action means that ‘failure’ is a definitive in the equation. If you don’t try, or you never start, you could never fail. And many of us are okay with this – they live in this mediocrity spectrum where they don’t fail, they don’t try, and they simply float through life by being okay and accepting of mediocrity.

Yet what we need to realise is that every slope is an experience, much like the puzzles of our past that has shaped us into the character that we are today. When we look back at the most memorable or life-changing experiences, it’s usually the ones that we have struggled the hardest, cried the most, celebrated with the biggest joys or stunned us with the biggest surprises. Notice how none of these life-changing experiences are mediocre – they are all attached with emotions on the severe scale. Mediocrity doesn’t get us anywhere, nor does it create any grand experiences. Mediocrity is standing on your tippy-toes when you want to see far beyond the distance, but striving for success is finding a ladder and climbing to the top of the rung despite the fear of toppling over in order to see further than you have ever seen before.

It’s a long way to the top, but the view will be worth more than the sum of all the steps taken to reach your goal. Our whole life is made up of tiny jigsaw puzzles of experiences, so don’t be afraid to try, to fall, to hurt, to make mistakes, and above all, to experience everything life has to offer – for the more you experience, the more you are living.

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