You Are Today What You Once Dreamed Of

The life you are living today is what your past self has only ever dreamt about. Don’t let your younger self down – work to the fullest capacity today to make the person you were yesterday proud and fulfilled.

Dreams are such a wonderful tool in inspiring our actions, building our successes and adding colour and joy to our storybook that we call life. They are mostly associated with lavish things greatly out of our reach – after all, we’ve always been told to dream big and that the sky’s the limit. What we can visualise, we can one day attain, and what we can one day attain, we can continuously work every day to achieve these dreams and transform them into our day to day living realities.

The concept of a dream is something that is set to be far off into the future. Usually, they’re grandiose feats that take over a few years to achieve, because anything less wouldn’t really be worthy of the crown. Most of the times, they’re usually characterised as slightly out of this world – somewhat difficult to transform into a reality but just realistic enough that it isn’t off limits. You wouldn’t hear a third-in-a-row Grand Slam finalist dream of entering their fourth Grand Slam tennis tournament, but you might hear of an up and coming amateur tennis player dream of making their debut in any one of the four major annual events. You wouldn’t hear of a well-established author dream of writing a book, but you might hear of an aspiring literature student dream of publishing their very first column in an article. The point here is that dreams are all made relevant of each individual’s capability, experience and willingness to do what it takes to get them to their goals.

However, dreams are often set for the future. They are often set several years from now, giving ourselves ample time to take a few wrong turns, experiment a little, prioritise other seemingly more important things in between, strengthen our discipline and mindset and take the scenic route whilst we embark on this journey. But what about the dreams in which our younger selves once had? Isn’t that the life we are now living in the present?

Take a moment to think about it – the life you are living today, right at this very moment, is the very ‘dream’ your younger or childhood self once upon a time so desperately and innocently wished for. This current life – your day to day routine, your circle of friends and habitual characteristics and your controlled environment, is a reflection of everything you have once wished to become a reality. The harsh question therein lies – “Is the life you are living today everything your younger self would have wished to be a reality?”

Is it less, or is it more?

One year ago, you may have dreams to have lost a certain amount of weight in order to look and feel healthier and fitter. Several years ago, you may have dreams of graduating school, completing your studies and building a strong foundation in your career. As a young adult, you may have wished for a strong network of supportive people, a dog to be a loyal companion and a hobby to keep you fulfilled. As a child, you may have dreams of a becoming a certain somebody with a certain purpose – whether that be an actor, a musician, a swimmer, a firefighter or a teacher. Do those dreams of what you once imagined align and reflect with who you are today? Are you doing your younger self proud? Would your childhood self be happy about the person you have become today?

Align your dreams. Reflect upon your past dreams. Think of what you have set for yourself and don’t cheat your past self. If you once had a dream to do or achieve a certain thing, don’t delay it thinking the future will unfold and take care of itself.

Today is that future that you once dreamt about. Make your younger self proud.

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