Let’s Grow Together

You can grow with me, or watch me grow. Either way – I’m growing.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who wish for success along with everyone else around them, or those who only wish for a solo journey of success, with as little mutual companionship as possible. The first group – those collective champions – are those who lift each other up and take time out of their day to check in with those around them. They are able to identify who may appear to be struggling or those who are in need of a little cheering on. They are willing to sacrifice a few strides from their journey to help those who are falling behind, because to them, succeeding together is by far more rewarding than one who triumphs above others.

The second group are those who see everything as a competitive win-or-lose battle. They will watch on in silence as you stumble, fall and make mistakes. They will keep their lips sealed as your curious mind probes them with advice or tips when it comes to sharing success stories or common pitfalls. It’s them against you, and if the universe isn’t with them, then it’s against them. Those are the silent and solo victorious champions who are hungry for the goal, and thrive on the lonesome climb to the top.

It doesn’t matter which group you fall under. Everyone is driven to succeed by different things and have different reasons that fuels their ambitious drive. The collective champions are more likely to have a foundation of empathy, a desire to belong and happiness means seeing their friends and family smile with them, rather than because of them. The solo climbers may be more likely to be driven by an external factor that makes them thrive; an eternal chase of inner fulfillment. It is generally the things that are less valuable when shared; which contributes to their individual path to the top. These things are usually money, fame, power or pride – or generally, anything that loses its benefits when divided among many others.

As 2019 comes to a close, the bells of a new decade are ringing in the near distance. The turn of a new leaf, the start of a new chapter, or the calm before a storm. Whatever you choose to call it and however you choose to see it – recognise that time and dates are yet just another human concept. Growth does not begin at the start of the new year, nor are goals created at the end of one. It takes grit and drive to power through when everything seems bleak and challenging, and it takes ultimate honesty with yourself to steer that ship of yours.

Whether you’re a collective achiever or a solo trooper – let’s grow together. Whatever it is that drives you or ignites that flame inside you; success need not be a journey of bitterness, nor comparative toxicity nor stepping down on other people’s egos or achievements. The things that are shared in this world are those people who come together who are on a similar journey. Look after your neighbour’s lawn, for it isn’t a beautiful neighbourhood if it’s just your lawn looking green and neatly trimmed.

You can either grow with me, or watch me grow. Either way, I’m growing. So let’s grow together. Bring on tomorrow, and the day after, and the days after. Big things are coming.

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