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As Initially Published On: Thought Catalog

You Were My Home, But Now I Have To Build My Own

Perhaps the thing that crushes us the most when we are torn away from a meaningful connection that no longer multiplies with passion is the loss of a world that feels closer to home than the one we live in. You were not only a sanctuary where I could unveil the expectations the world had on my shoulders, you were also a paradise that I was able to take refuge in.

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Here’s Why Opening Up Is So Difficult

Opening up is one of the scariest things you can possibly do in life. As we grow up and welcome maturity with opening yet trepid arms, we also begin to experience just how much people can hurt us and use our own personal secrets as weapons against us. We become hardened shells as we grow with age, conditioned to place multiple barriers between ourselves and the recipients of our love and affection and time.

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To The Girl Who’s Closed Herself Off

When I look around, I see people delicately navigating through life and dancing around each other with interactions polite enough to get them by but not deep enough to leave an impression. When I look around, I see a café bustling with energy and life, with different people talking about their days and the most recent hump slowing their lives down. When I look around, I see those who have been hurt before slowly opening up to those at the other end of the table, easing themselves out of their comfort zone and settling in.

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As Initially Published On: DriftingGypsies:

The Ultimate Backpacker’s Checklist

Everyone has their unique preference of traveling – whether that be choosing one destination and staying there for the entire duration of your holiday, staying in beautiful hotels and ticking off your bucket list by visiting iconic tourist attractions or hopping from city to city on foot with a rucksack filled with your bare minimum essentials. Backpacking from one country to another is becoming more and more favorable because of how affordable and cost-effective it is, the friends you make that join you for the ride and the proximity of the culture and local lifestyle that you are inevitably immersed into.

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A Journey Into The Great Outdoors Can Heal Your Soul

Nature has this beautiful blessing of being able to heal even the deepest of wounds. Usually, these are the wounds that are below the surface and invisible to the naked eye. Those are the ones that hurt and affect us the most. Many people numb the pain by turning to the world’s guilty pleasures, but let me be the one to tell you that there is nothing more nurturing to your soul than a journey into the great outdoors.

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As Initially Published On: TinglyMind

An Open Letter To My Younger Self

If only I knew then what I know now, I would have saved myself from so much wasted anxiety and so much unnecessary stress.
And in five years from now, I would say the exact same thing to my present self today.
Here is an open letter to remind my younger self that life has its own peculiar ways of throwing us headfirst into a current of deep water. But the waves will never be dangerous enough to drown us because we are much, much stronger than what we give ourselves credit for.

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What A Journey Into The Heart of Cambodia Taught Me About True Happiness

Being a city girl all my life, it was so easy to get caught up in the bustling nature of technology, modern skyscrapers, and materialistic indulgences whether that be in the form of good food, good sceneries, a good night out or high-end delicacies. In a world where most of our problems were privileged, first world issues, I found myself caught up in a rollercoaster of distinguishing what was a real problem that would affect my quality of life, and what was a problem that only existed in my mind.

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